JP-BIOSTONE-ULTRA Jupiter Science Biostone Plus Water Filter .1M and .01M - .01m Biostone Ultra

Item #: 479055497
Retail price: $90.00
Price: $85.00

Biostone Plus Filter used in Jupiter Aquarius, Orion, Melody, Microlite, Mavello and UltraTechnos water ionizers. Contains layers of Tourmaline and Coral Calcium inside an antibacterial carbon block filter. This unique filter has been created by Jupiter Science specifically for their water ionizers. It helps naturally ionize and clean water before it enters ionization chamber. Tourmaline crystal is known to be a beautiful, semi-precious gem. Now as a mineral it also became a focus of scientific research. One of the reasons is that infrared Tourmaline is the only mineral on earth to show permanent electricity. It was found in Japan, that even if broken in pieces, a positive and negative electrodes never disappeared. The stone is known to be used for improving circulation and relieving stress. Tourmaline in your filter is used to transform water into mild alkaline water. Please provide a note during checkout if you plan to use filter for Ultra Technos, older Mavello, Regency 2 or Masterpiece as they are of slightly different size, and may only be replaced by 0.1 micron Biostone filter. Filter Life: 8-9 months, or 1000 gallons.
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