Crystal Quest CQ-W14F-PLUS Undersink Water Filter With Three Cartridges and Fluoride Removal - Undersink W14F PLUS

Item #: 479055412
Retail price: $173.00
Price: $173.00

Undersink Water Filter with three cartridges, that includes a Carbon Block cartridge, a Fluoride removal filter and, a 6-stage filter that removes hundreds of contaminants from water. Water travels through 8 stages of filtration. Under Sink Filter With Fluoride features: First, water travels through a Carbon Block cartridge for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs, insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents). Second, water travels through Fluoride removal cartridge, containing fine-mesh pre-resin media (SIR-900) to reduce fluoride below 0.5 ppm. This filter also effectively removes arsenic. Capacity is up to 15,000 ppm with effluent levels below 0.2 ppm from 10 ppm feed. Note: high pH and high bicarbonate levels reduce the capacity - above 100 ppm bicarbonate, reduction by 50%; above 200 ppm, reduction by 75%. Third, water travels through a 6-stage cartridge that removes hundreds of contaminants. W14F Filter installs easily under any standard sink. Total Capacity: -PLUS: 10,000 gallons (1-3 years)*, -ULTRA: 20,000gallons (2-4 years)*, -ULTIMATE: 30,000 gallons (3-5 years)* (* - estimate, your situation may vary) Filters 10,000 gallons
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