Crystal Quest CQ-RC-PL-10x5-ULTIMATE High-Flow Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 10"x5" - ULTIMATE

Item #: 479055389
Retail price: $235.00
Price: $235.00

Heavy duty 10"x5" water filter cartridge for high-flow applications. Great for Big Blue Whole house water filters, apartments, or office water filtration needs. Filter features 5-stage filtration: one-micron filter pad, KDF55, KDF85, Ceramic Balls, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), and another one-micron pad. Unique 5 inches wide filter design will not affect water flow in higher-capacity applications. Removes hundreds of contaminates from water. Available in three models, PLUS, ULTRA and ULTIMATE with different filter life. Multi-Media 10x5 inches Water Filter Specifications: * Operating Water Temperature 40 F (5 C) - 100 F (38 C) * Operating Water Pressure 20 - 125 PSI 10x5 Whole House Filter Life: * PLUS 80,000 gallons * ULTRA 120,000 gallons * ULTIMATE 160,000 gallons Filters 160,000 gallons
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