Crystal Quest CQE-US-00319-ULTRA Undersink Water Filter With Arsenic Double Cartridge - ULTRA

Item #: 479055293
Retail price: $189.00
Price: $189.00

Undersink Replaceable Double Arsenic Water Filter Systemis dependable and built to last for years. Quick andeasy to use,stylish, convenient, and effectively removes ARSENIC and hundreds of contaminants from water. Water filtration system uses 2 cartridges. * First cartridge effectively reduces arsenic. * The Second Cartridge is a multi-stage cartridge that removes hundreds of contaminants from water. This cartridge consists of 6 stages of filtration, including 1-micron pads, KDF, ion exchange resin and granulated activated carbon (GAC) Under sink Arsenic Filter features: * Filter capacity: 11,000 ppm * Flow rate: 0.75 - 1 gallon per minute Cartridges life: arsenic - 1 year, multi-stage: -PLUS 1-2 years, -ULTRA 2-3 years, -ULTIMATE 2-4 years Filters 20,000 gallons
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