CQE-RO-06001 Reverse Osmosis 86 Gallon Storage Tank

Item #: 479055286
Retail price: $649.00
Price: $649.00

86 Gallon Storage tank for Commercial / Whole House Reverse Osmosis System. Pressurized, more than one tank can be used to increase storaga capacity. 100% seamless composite construction. Discharges in any position. Produced using NSF and/or FDA listed materials. Meets stringent US requirements for water components. Environmentally safe, 100% lead-free. Will not introduce chemicals or elements into water. Pre-installed inlet-outlet assembly, reduces installation time and cost. Factory-backed 5-year warranty. Water Line Connection: 1 1/4" MPT Tank size: 26 x 48 inches ( 66 x 120 cm ) or 24 1/4 x 55.5 inches May be shipped as a 86 or 87 gallon capacity.
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