Crystal Quest CQE-OZ-00101 Ozonator Water Sterilizer for Water Coolers

Item #: 479055232
Retail price: $99.00
Price: $59.00

Ozonator water sterilizer is used on water coolers and inline water systems to remove bacteria and other biological matter. Ozonator automatically sterilizers Water Cooler or other water filter system by a burst of ozone into a water tank and/or a system. Ozonator removes bacteria in a safe, tasteless and odorless way, and ensures water is bacteria-free. Ozone is a natural sterilizer, it leaves no after-taste or smell and is environmentally friendly. After ozone is finished with sterilization process, it dissipates as Oxygen, leaving water oxygen-enriched. Water Cooler Ozone Sterilizer Specifications Warning: this ozone generator is not a product that can be used out of the box! We install Ozonators on our bottleless water coolers for free (with original purchase of Crystal Quest bottleless water cooler)! The ozone generator needs to be powered and wired correctly in order to produce proper amount of oxygene. We do not provide a wiring schematic, so if you want to use it in your own applications, purchase at your own risk.
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