Crystal Quest CQE-CT-00132 Countertop Fluoride Removal Water Filter with Dual Filters

Item #: 479055224
Retail price: $199.00
Price: $129.00

This single Countertop Fluoride removal Water Filter is stylish and effective. Filter uses fine-mesh pre-resin media (SIR-900) to reduce fluoride below 0.5 ppm. Also effectively removes arsenic. Water filtration system uses 2 cartridges. * First cartridge effectively reduces fluoride, lead and arsenic. Fluoride removal cartridge Capacity is up to 11,000 ppm with effluent levels below 0.2 ppm from 10 ppm feed. * The Second Cartridge is a multi-stage cartridge that removes hundreds of contaminants from water. This cartridge consists of 6 stages of filtration, including 1-micron pads, KDF, ion exchange resin and granulated activated carbon (GAC) Countertop Fluoride Filter features: * Sits on the counter and easily connects to any standard kitchen faucet * Filtration capacity: 10,000 (less than 100 ppm water hardness) * Fluoride removal capacity: 4,500 ppm (average 1000 - 1500 gallons), as high as 11,000 ppm F+ with output levels below 0.2 ppm. Note: high pH and high bicarbonate levels reduce capacity - above 100 ppm bicarbonate, reduction by 50%; above 200 ppm, reduction by 75%. * Flow rate: 0.75 - 1 gallon per minute * Recommended flow rate for best fluoride removal: 0.5 GPM Crystal Quest Countertop Replaceable Double-Cartridge Fluoride Water Filter, product number CQE-CT-00132. Filter Cartridge replacement intervals: * Fluoride Remova Filter: 1 year * 6-stage Filter: 1-3 years.
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